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The only one news TV channel in Bulgaria




TV Evropa is the only one news television channel in Bulgaria with dynamically growing foothold in the national media market. It was launched in 2001 and its first newscast was on Easter Day, 14 April 2001.

TV Evropa is currently referred to as a news mill and for good reason: TV Evropa delivers 60 to 70 news items daily - domestic, international, economic, culture, sports. No other TV channel in Bulgaria offers news of comparable quantity.

TV Evropa's format has no parallel on the national TV market -with its round-the-clock newscasts every thirty minutes. The half-hourly news are a new stage in the development of the medium which started in 2007, after a four-year period of hourly newscasts. 2007 was also the year when business news telecast was started with news reports at 18:00, 20:00, and 22:00.


Emil Stoyanov is the founder of TV Evropa.


Our formula: Intelligent newscasts and programmes for intelligent audience - that's how we started in 2001, that's how we are going to work in the future.


Our principles: The principles of the world news coverage standard: speed, accuracy, truthfulness to fact, objectivity, competence, arrangement of events in telecasts in no other way but according to their importance for the public.


The audience of TV Evropa: TV Evropa targets the viewers who are better educated, of higher income, more successful and more intelligent than average. Those who are more conservative and loyal to TV Evropa.


Partners: TV Evropa has long-term multilateral agreements for information and programme exchange with Reuters and Deutche Welle.




TV Evropa is a national coverage TV channel. It transmits a scrambled digital signal via Eutelsat W2 satellite, providing full coverage of the continent of Europe, and the countries in North Africa and the Middle East. The medium has a 100 percent cable coverage on the territory of Bulgaria and is also distributed via ITV Partner and Bulsatcom satellite platforms.

It provides real-time Internet distribution on the website www.neterra.tv, and, through the 3G networks of mobile operators Globul and Mtel and Vodafone live.

All newscasts and shows are available on TV Evropa's Internet sites www.tvevropa.com and www.ekipnews.com.


Technical characteristics and requirements for reception of TV Evropa channel:

1. Satellite: Hellas Sat 2 – 39° East

2. Name: TV Evropa

3. Transporter: 22

4. Frequency: 12647

5. Polarisation: Horizontal

6. SR: 30 Mbaud

7. FEC: 7/8

8. SID: 49

Video PID: 872

Audio PID: 873




TV Evropa ranks 10th in television rating in Bulgaria. The newscasts are ranked 4th immediately after the three over-the-air national TV channels. TV Evropa channel is watched by over 890 thousand viewers daily while at the weekend their number is over one million.

12.29% of the viewers in Bulgaria prefer TV Evropa (according to a recent survey by TNS TV Plan agency). This is a nationwide market share which is generally comparable to the highest share of news television channels worldwide.






TV Evropa is a Joint-stock company with 100 registered shares, each one with a nominal value of 500 LEVA. The shares are owned as follows:

1. Beta 1 JSC – 60% of the company

2. Emil Stafanov Stoyanov – 40% of the company


Business indicators


Thousand LEVA 2008 2009 2010
Revenue 2432 2948
EBITDA 616 805


Thousand EUR 2008 2009 2010
Revenue 1243 1507
EBITDA 315 412




News on the half hour

Domestic, international, economic, culture, sports. Nearly 70 news items daily along with correspondents reports and live coverage by reporters and commentators.


Some of the most recent programmes are:

Under the Lens programme presents every day commentaries on current subjects from Bulgaria and the world. The aim is to show the highlights of the day and give a slightly different insight on the events. The programme is broadcast daily.

In Focus is a programme following the "no comment" principle. Within three to five minutes are shown the most important statements on political, economical or other subjects made by people who have been captured on tape during the day. The programme is broadcast daily.

View of the World - the programme which reviews the important events which happened around the world during the week. It traces through significant events, natural disasters and cataclysms which have influenced the life of a great number of people. Broadcast Saturdays and Sundays.

Sports News - delivered twice in an hour presenting the latest information and the most attractive close-ups from the world of sports.

Sports Review - a weekly programme which analytically reflects the most interesting events, which happened throughout the past week - a marathon with lots of various subjects from the world of sports and show business. For everybody who adopts this as their way of life. Broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays.


Weather forecast and weather reports

for the big cities in Europe and Bulgaria - presented only by us every thirty minutes!


Current Affairs Programmes:


Under the Lens

Live information and journalist commentaries every workday (17:30 - 18:30) offering

-         analysis and commentaries on the stories of the day, interviews of popular persons from the world of politics, economics and culture. Expert opinions on all hot topics, various viewpoints and stands. Live presentation from the scene of the story and from the big cities in the country - where news comes from.



Monday to Friday,17.30, 21:30 and 23:30

A business information programme. Offers domestic and foreign business news, commentaries on Bulgarian and foreign currency, commodity and stock markets; business legislation changes; profiles of entrepreneurs and managers; topical reports.

e-mail: econtv@ced.bg



Sunday, 13:30.

The programme offers up-to-date information of the state, tendencies and innovations in agriculture, monitors the changes in Bulgarian and European legislation, shows and comments on the good practices in this field.



The programme shows the priorities of the European values and people who have mastered them and achieved success in their lifestyle and business. It is broadcast on Sundays at 21:40.


Legislation World

The programme introduces problems of our judicial system and the ways to solve them. The guests are popular men of law and politics. It is delivered on Wednesdays at 20:15.


The Faith Within

The programme shows people who have devoted their lives to the noble cause of donation. Broadcast on Saturdays 17:40.



Saturdays, 14:30.

This is an original forum and platform for discussion between all people related to Christian ideology, ethics, and history. The programme features prominent theologians, clergymen and experts from the three officially registers Christian confessions: Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Protestantism.

Website of the programme:  www.hristiyanstvoto.tv 



 The only TV programme which casts an expert look at the problems of management and consultancy and the opportunities for professional realisation. The most important issue in the programme is business from inside as a medium of human relations, driven by real people with ambitions for success in their profession, rather than the outside look which is a priority of economic relations. Saturdays 21.30.


Documentaries From Japan

A series of films provided as a grant by the Embassy of Japan which inform the viewers about the customs and present day life in this country.


Short Documentary And Journalists' Films

shown in the programmes "In Focus" and "British Satellite News".



A magazine format TV programme together with Deutche Welle, offering various curious materials from Europe. Broadcast Monday to Friday at 22:40.




Ø  The Original Treatment Award of Media World 2002 Festival to the "In Focus" series, which presents news and events in the context of people's lives;

Ø  The Fastest Growing Medium Award of Media World 2002 Festival;

Ø  Miss TV Charm 2002 Award to Margarita Ralcheva for the most charming TV presenter;

Ø  The 2002 Media Reporter Award to TV Evropa's "When Lightning Strikes" programme;

Ø  A Golden Chest Festival Award to Margarita Ralcheva's film "Palestine Hotel, Paradise Square" about the war in Iraq (2004);

Ø  Award of Eight Muse Festival to Margarita Ralcheva's film "The Return of Mohammad" (2004);

Ø  Award from the Rousse Festival 2004 for TV Evropa's coverage of the problems of minorities and disadvantaged people;

Ø  Diploma for Overall contribution to raising awareness of the European prospects for Bulgarian economy and for active partnership with the Bulgarian Industrial Association;

Ø  Honorary citation of BALFEST International Film Festival 2006 to Margarita Ralcheva's film "The Return of Mohammad";

Ø  Citation to Margarita Ralcheva for respectful attitude to the Bulgarian language (2006);

Ø  Award of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", Faculty of Slavic Studies - the first major team award for using clear